salt warrior fluke photo

Fluke Fishing

When it comes to bottom fishing, summer flounder or fluke fishing is on a level of its own. Not only are these fish fun on light tackle, but they also put up a great fight. You can catch them in depths of 2-400 feet, depending on your location and time of year. And, once the temperatures start to climb in May and June, the fish will migrate back to the coastline from offshore locations.

Time of Year
You can fish for fluke from the middle of May to end of September. Bucktail jigging for fluke has become popular over the years, but there are still days where simple 3-way rigs or high-low rigs will land more fish. 

Tips from Us
When we target these fish, we typically look for long drop-offs, near sandy or shell-covered bottoms around the outskirts of reefs. During the summer, we’ll drop in deeper water to find the fish (up to 130 feet). By the way, did we mention these fish are super delicious and healthy!

Rod And Reel Suggestions

Rod Style: Conventional or Spinning
Length: 6 – 7ft.
Line Test: 12 – 40 lbs.


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