Fat Cow Split Tail Jig Strips 5″


Jig Strips Split Tail 5″

8 Baits – 5″ x 1/2″

The 5″ inch Split Tail Jig Strip is one of our most popular designs. The split down the middle creates the right flutter and flare needed to induce a strike. This style is perfect for a wide variety of uses and are a perfect substitute for squid strips and the previous 240S Uncle Josh pork rind.  Our favorite part of these jig strips is they never dry out!

Our Recommended Usage by Species:
Striped Bass

Popular Uses: Surfcasting bucktails, jigging, trolling tubes, vertical jigging, fluke rigs, umbrella rigs, parachute rigs, spoons, chatterbaits, spinner baits, and more.

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Blood Red, Ghost White, Glow, Yellow