Fat Cow JIG STRIPS Skinny Tail 5 1/4″


Fat Cow – JIG STRIPS Skinny Tail 5 1/4″ – 8 ct

8 Baits – 5 1/4″ x 5/8″

The Skinny Tail Jig Strips were intentionally designed with an exaggerated taper at the end. The result is a straight strip with unmatched tail action. Compared to other straight strips on the market, this unique design mimics the tail twitch of a live swimming bait. This strip would be a direct substitute of the previous pork rind Uncle Josh Sea Rind 70S.

Our Recommended Usage by Species:
Striped Bass

Popular Uses: Jigs, Bucktails, Rigs, 3-way rigs, trolling tubes, Spoons

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Blood Red, Chartreuse, White Glow