Seabass Bucktail Rig w/ teaser


Seabass can be found in the same areas as many other bottom fish, so our custom rig helps you pick out those seabass and avoid other pesky bottom feeders. Seabass love to hangout in boulder fields, rocks, ledges, sand waves, wrecks, reefs and rocky slopes. You should use your chart plotter to find these locations and your depth finder to confirm your bottom. To to use this rig, simply tie it on and tip the teaser with clam, squid or a soft plastic imitation bait. Choose a bucktail jig of the desired weight and attach it to the bottom loop and also tip it with some bait. Then go catch some fish!

Additional information

Leader Weight (Pound Test)

50, 60, 30, 40

Teaser Color

White, Chartreuse


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