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Now taking orders for December 1st Blitz Box. Orders must be placed by 11/31/2020 11:59PM

Top fishing gifts
of 2021

give the gift of fish this holiday season

TOP Fishing gifts
of 2021

give the gift of fish this holiday season

What's inside
each box?

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Depends on you. Let’s work together to build a box filled with high-quality tackle, gear and useful swag from 300+ brands, based on your fishing region, style of fishing, targeted species and the time of year. Know that feeling when you see fish blitzing? We want you to feel that excited when you open your box.


You'll have the option to select "Warrior Box" at checkout to customize your monthly service based your logbooks. No other company lets you do that.

captain Reports

Captains and anglers in our network feed us information, so our boxes are always filled with the most useful and effective tackle.

Data Driven

All the tackle in our boxes are based on regional-specific data, ensuring you have the tackle you need when you need it.


Blitz Box is a low-risk way to explore new tackle. Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, our boxes allow you to experiment with new tackle every month.

How does it work?

Choose your tackle Service

Pick between our Regular Box or Warrior Box plan (we’ll get to the difference in a sec).


Together, we’ll build your box based on 1) where you fish 2) how you fish 3) the current season 4) fishing reports from our captains 5) state regulations 6) and more!

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personalized box

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