Ultimate Bottom Fishing Kit x Salt Warrior – Guppy Jigs


Searching for your next trophy fluke, porgy, seas bass or other bottom-dwelling fish? Well, the Ultimate Bottom Fishing Kit x Salt Warrior has you covered. This kit comes with all the essentials—Guppy Jigs, Tentacle Teasers, and Berkley GULP! All in reliable, go-to colors. The Guppy Jigs are designed specifically for Berkley GULP! and feature a reverse barb that help secure—not destroy—the grub. The Tentacle Teasers can also be used with Berkley GULP!, but frozen cut bait is also a great choice.

What’s included?

(5) Race Rock Guppy Jigs (1/2 oz – 3oz)
(1) Race Rock 5/0 Tentacle Teaser (3/8oz)
(4 Bags) Berkley GULP! (White/Glow, Chartreuse, Pink/Shine, Nuclear Chicken)

Additional information

Choose Your Style of GULP!

6" Grub, 5" Grub, 4" Mullet, Mixed Styles & Sizes

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