Fluke Jigging Rig w/ Hand-tied Teaser


When using a bucktails and teaser rig to jig for Fluke, you will experience a much better sensitivity when the fish are first attacking your bait.  Easily switch out your bucktails or teasers without having to re-tie.  Teaser colors/styles may not always match the image, please request more information to see which teaser is included.

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You can catch fluke in shallow water to deep water, depending on your location and the time of year. Bucktail jigging rigs are ideal to allow you to fish with less weight. This will give you more sensitivity and the opportunity to catch more fish. Simply tie the rig on and pair it with a bucktail and teaser. You can tip these with squid, spearing or any other dead or a live bait fish. Target areas like beaches, bays, reef edges, and drop-offs.


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