Greg Myerson RattleSinker


The World Record Striper RattleSinker® is a unique piece of fishing tackle that acts like a fish call, attracting the biggest and most competitive fish to your bait.

The rattle within the RattleSinker® mimics the noise of unsuspecting prey shellfish. Monster fish hone in to that noise long before they can see or smell your bait or lure. The Rattle ®technology, developed by Greg Myerson®, has helped Greg Myerson become a 4x World Record holder for catching monstrous, record breaking fish.

The powder coating exterior also helps protect from the impacts of lead – a common material used in most sinkers.

Chartreuse is the favored RattleSinker®  for targeting a variety of species as the color stands out and attracts in a varied water conditions.

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