Race Rock Tentacle Teaser


Race Rock Tentacle teaser features a strong Mustad Black Nickel Hook, with a light silicone skirt.  This teaser was designed to fit and most importantly secure you Gulp 6 or 5 inch grubs in place.  The teaser can also works great with live bait, or a combination of the two.  Molded and put together here in the USA, and is specially designed for the Northeast fishery.

Great choice for Striped Bass, Fluke, Black Sea Bass and many of our targeted species.

Black Nickel Mustad Hook
Squid tail skirt
Built in CT USA.

Additional information

Jig Weight (oz)

3/8 oz


Blue, Blue Fuse, Chartreuse, Glow, Green, Hot Pink, Orange Tiger (Glow), Pink, purple, Red, Salmon Red, Teal, White