Blackfish Bottom Rig


The tautog, or blackfish, is one of the most thrilling fish to catch. When the temperature is around 60 degrees, look for these fish in shallow water. And when the temperature drops? Go deep. In the New England area, green crabs, Asian crabs and clam strips are the most popular bait for tautog. To use this rig, simply tie it on your line, add your bait to the hook, and drop it down to the bottom. Tautog like to hangout around structure like breakwalls, reefs, wrecks, boulder fields, and rocky slopes. Remember to be patient because these fish can be finicky. But, when that bite turns on, be ready.


The Salt Warrior Blackfish rig is hand-tied in the USA and built to last many catches and most often many trips if properly cared for.  This rig is custom made with quality leader material, strong swivels and a ultra sharp hook(s).

Your rig will be made to order, and placed into a Poly Bag.  The Poly bags TSW uses are specifically engineered to not be pierced by the hook, and allow the rig to expand in a way where they can be stored away for longer, without introducing memory issues in the leader material.  Each Rig also includes some fishing tips for the specific species.  Please reuse the Poly bags, we aim to utilize great materials so they can be re-used, rather than just thrown away.

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The Salt Warrior – Engineered by Local Fisherman!

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Leader Weight (Pound Test)

50, 60, 40, 80


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