Salt Warrior X MagicTail Blackfish Kit


It’s that time of year again! Salt Warrior has teamed up with MagicTail Bucktail to offer a kit just for blackfish. From back bays to deep wrecks, we’ve got you covered. These jigs have a HUGE following on social media and can be found in many local tackle shops.  Simply put, they’re our go-to for catching trophy togs. This kit allows you to try 3/8 oz. to 4 oz. jigs. And, once you’ve discovered what works for you, you can purchase them from our online store. Heck, you could even sign up for a Blitz Box monthly subscription and get them in your box!

What’s included? (Everything you see in the photo!!)
– Game Changer Jigs (4oz, 3oz, 2.5oz, 2oz, 1.5oz, 1oz, 3/4oz) x 2
– Back Bay Jigs (3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz) x 2
– Salt Warrior Blackfish Bottom Rig & Salt Warrior Blackfish Jigging Rig
– The Secrets to Landing your next Trophy Tog (see back of pamphlet)

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