Blackfish - Tautog Fishing

When targeting tautog(blackfish) patience is key to landing your next trophy.  These are territorial fish, and like to hide in structure at different depths throughout the year.  Choose your spot and time wisely. No bites after 20 minutes?  Best to move on to the next spot. Targeting small boulder fields, wrecks and uncommon spots where most anglers are running by, are great spots to start with. Nothing better than swinging some tog into the boat, when your buddies are bouncing around burning gas.  

Time of Year
Check with your local regulations for more information. 

Tips from Us
Targeting Tautog with jigs is a fun effective way to catch them.  When the current is ripping in deeper water you will want to use a lead sinker to get you down to the bottom.  You can then use a hook or jig attached to a heavier than normal line.  Typically 50-80 pounds leader because of the rocky area you will be fishing in. Try not to let the fish run towards the bottom after you hookup, they will take you down into the rocks, and that will be game over. 

Location Fishing break-walls, Pilings, wrecks, small boulder fields, rocky slopes are all great choices.

Green crabs, asians crabs, crabs and clams are the go-to for the Northeast area when fishing for tautog.  

Rod And Reel Suggestions

Rod Style: Conventional or Spinning
Length: 6 – 7ft.
Line Test: 14 – 50 lbs

PENN Fierce II 4000 Spinning 7' Rod and Reel Combo

PENN Fierce II 4000 Spinning Combo


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