Offseason Maintenance, Storage and Tips

With the colder months here, the offseason is a great time to start thinking about maintenance for all of your tackle, rods, rigs, and lures! Now is the time to ensure that all of your equipment is in top condition and ready to go for the next time you hit the water.

Reel Maintenance and Storage
Some basic reel maintenance will go a long way to keep your equipment in the best condition possible, and you should do it at a minimum at the end of the season, or even better, after every time you go fishing. Lightly rinse your reel with fresh water in order to remove any trace of salt or other debris it may have caught, and dry it with a clean rag. After a gentle cleaning, wipe the reel down with a protective coating like Reel Magic, Aluma Guard, WD-40, or Oil from the Penn Anglers Pack which you may have received in the Blitz Box. Take care not to make contact with the line or grips.

A good performing reel will have plenty of lubrication and is an essential part of reel maintenance. Using some grease or quality oil will help keep the ball bearings and metal bushings free from corrosion and seizure. Just be careful to not use too much lubrication, as applying too much isn’t good either!

Rod Maintenance and Storage
Most anglers are probably aware that a fishing rod should be cleaned after every season, but even better after every fishing trip. You can easily clean your rods with some soapy water, rinsing them clean, and then drying with a clean rag. This is also a great time to closely inspect the line guides, ensuring that none of them are cracked, loose, or damaged. Passing a cotton ball through each guide can be a quick and easy way to check them, as it will tend to catch on any small nick or burr found on each guide. Be sure to replace any damaged guides.

Another great tip for rod maintenance and storage is to never store a wet rod in a case, as this can easily lead to trapped moisture that can compromise the rod. Try to always store your rod in a cool, dry area that is well ventilated so that they can properly dry. Once dry, you can then store them in cases or wherever you see fit. If any of your rods have a cork handle, a quick cleaning with something such as rubbing alcohol or acetone will help to remove any dirt or grime. It will also help remove any discoloration, which is usually from the oil on your hands.

Well Maintained and Stored Gear
Even though the offseason can be a little slow, taking the extra time to properly care for your fishing gear and tackle will ensure that it is ready to go on your next fishing trip. Clean and well-cared for gear can also mean the difference between the best performance possible, or possibly losing that next big fish!


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