Striped Bass Fishing

Boat Fishing for Stripers
You will want to start by doing some homework before going out on the water.  Its always a good idea to grab some bunker and/or eels from the local shop, just incase you cannot find any live bait. Once you get to the location that you want to fish, turn your chart plotter tracks on, this will record your drift path.  You can now gauge where you need to restart your drift the next time.  Work your way from one end of the rip or structure, to the other until you find some striped bass. When the tide is running slower, 3-way rigs with eels, bunker or other bait size fish (dead or alive) are a great option.  Once the tide starts moving faster, diamond jigs or a 3-way bucktail rig tipped with a jig strip can be even more effective.

Near-shore Tactics:
Kayaks and smaller boats are great for this type of fishing. Casting soft plastics, plugs, eels, live or chunked bunker are great ways to target these striped bass.  Bays, beaches, inlets, back bays, beach fronts, channels, rips, shallow reefs, structure, and rock piles are prime areas.  Don’t forget to do some homework on google maps and other technologies before heading on the water!

Trolling for striped bass
When trolling heavier tackle for stripers, it’s a good idea to get setup with conventional rods. You will want to spool up your reel with some wire line or lead core. This will help your tackle sink easier in the water column.  Multi-colored lead-core line is also a great choice, helps you determine what depth you are at.  Trolling the rip lines, rocky areas, structure and local reefs are all great choices. Trolling unlike other techniques lets you cover ground a lot faster.  You can troll many different types of rigs which can consist of tube & worm, umbrella rigs, jigs and spoons.  Start by trolling one line at a time, then adding as many as you want.  Varied line length along with wide sweeping turns are key to not tangling your gear.

Tackle Suggestions

– Striped Bass 3-way Bucktail Rig
Striped Bass 3-way Rig
Topwater Rig
– Umbrella rigs
– Bunker spoons
– Parachute jigs
– Tube & Worm
– Live Bait
– Chunk Bait
– Jig Strips

Rod And Reel Suggestions

Rod Style: Conventional or Spinning
Length: 6 – 7ft.
Line Test: 14 – 50 lbs.
Trolling rods

Line type:

Braid / Lead Core / Steel / Mono


PENN Fierce II 4000 Spinning 7' Rod and Reel Combo

PENN Fierce II 4000 Spinning Combo


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