Race Rock 6.5″ Spartan Spook XL


Race Rock Spartan Spook XL Spook topwater lure has Saltwater rated hardware (VMC 4/0) and swims with a “walk the dog” action.  The Spartan Spook XL Spook is a great choice to have in your bag in many situations, specially when the fish are busting on-top during a blitz!  This lure has a large profile is a great choice for targeting big Striped Bass, Bluefish, and other game fish aggressively feeding on the surface.

Length: 6.5″.
Weight: 3.5oz.
Hook: 4/0 VMC
Rattling: Yes

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Additional information

Lure Weight(oz)

3 1/2

Lure Size (inches)

6 1/2


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