When these fish come through your local waters you will be hearing about it. These fish have some chompers, so your going to want to use heavier monofilament line or wireline leader.  Don’t be looking to use your fancy tackle either, simple diamond jigs, bluefish rigs, trolling gear and hard plastics are a great choice.

Time of Year
Check your local fishing regulations for more information.

Tips from Us
Best bet is to find a nice rip and flip jigs into it for the larger size bluefish. You can also drift while diamond jigging across the rip, working the entire length looking for them. Drifting over structure works well too. Schools of the smaller blue fish can be caught on hard plastic lures or soft plastics in the bays.  Usually, they are blitzing in pods with other fish such as stripers. Once you get on the blues, try live-lining some porgies or smaller bait fish to catch some gators!

Tackle Suggestions

– Bluefish 3-way Rig
– Topwater Rig
– Live bait
– Artificial Soft and Hard plastic bait
– Trolling Tubes,
– Bunker spoons
– Diamond jigs

Rod and Reel Suggestions

Rod Style: Conventional or Spinning
Length: 6 – 7ft.
Line Test: 20 – 50 lbs.

PENN Fierce II 4000 Spinning 7' Rod and Reel Combo

PENN Fierce II 4000 Spinning Combo


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