Porgy Fishing

Porgy, also known as scup, is one of the most abundant and popular fish around the coast of the Northeast. These fish can be in schools so thick, they practically hook themselves, provided you’re in the right location with the proper presentation.

Time of Year
Typically, you can target these fish throughout the entire fishing season—from the beginning of spring to the end of the fall. However, don’t forget to check your local regulations to ensure they’re in season. 

Tips from Us
-Start by drifting your boat over your chosen location, and then anchor up after you find the fish.
-Something else to remember: make sure your rig is right near the bottom. To ensure you’re in the strike zone, occasionally bounce the weight from the rig or the jig itself to feel for the bottom, and adjust as needed.

Tackle Suggestions

– 3-Way Rig
– High-Low with Teasers
– Small Bucktails
– Small Diamond Jigs
– Sabiki Jigs

Rod and Reel Suggestions

Rod Style: Conventional or Spinning
Length: 6 – 7ft.
Line Test: 8 – 40 lbs.


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