What's Blitz Box?

The struggle is real, so don’t feel alone out there. Anglers face a lot of variables out on the water: reports, tools, techniques, locations, tackle color, line size, rod size, reel size—just to name a few. All these variables can cloud your vision and make fishing more difficult than it needs to be. That’s why our team created Blitz Box.

People ask, “What is Blitz Box?” Well, have you ever left a fishing seminar feeling like you got good information but not the right information? The goal of Blitz Box is to close that gap. Every box comes packed with season- and location-based information and supplies, so you have the right tackle at the right time. But it’s not just that. Blitz Box is also:

A Network of Anglers
We’re building a network of friends who fish. People who are as equally interested (or addicted) to fishing as you. That means you won’t need to make a trek to the tackle shop to ask a question, you can just ask right here.

A Fun Way to Cut Costs
We’ll help you reduce your costs of fishing. When you order one of our boxes, you’re ordering premium, quality tackle at a reduced price. Most of our tackle comes from small businesses or is hand tied at our headquarters in Niantic, CT. And, since our tackle is built from experience, you’ll only receive items that work. That means you’ll spend less time and money experimenting with tackle.

Personalized for You
There’s that word again: personalized. What does that even mean?! 

Have you ever been in the tackle shop and asked the questions, “What’s biting? And where are fish?” Blitz Box answers those questions for you. Our boxes are personalized based on location, data aggregation, current open regulations and our network (which might include you at some point), so you have these answers before you wake up and go fishing.

But how’s our box telling you where to find the fish? It’s going to take some homework on your end, but we’ll guide you in the right direction and help you reduce your variables on the water. Each of our pamphlets comes with our custom, hand-tied tackle (and yes, of course, they’re also organic, free-range and cage-free).

So, if you find yourself wondering why you can’t catch a fish at BOUY 300A—don’t worry. Once you start sippin’ the Kool-Aid and start to understand the targeted species, you’ll end up giving those reports to the tackle shops.

“I work all week, and I don’t have time for prep. I just want to catch fish and have fun!” Yep, we hear ya! Subscribing to Blitz Box means you have your setups before you go fishing. Simply decide what you want to target, tie your Salt Warrior tackle on your rods, and you’re done.

That means when the fish are blitzing, you won’t be trying to tie up a rig from scratch, you’ll be crushing the game.

Premium Tackle
We try to make as many lures (as humanly possible) in-house or through our custom tackle vendors. Why? Because we use this tackle, too.

Premium components, clean lead and special knots are used to make sure the tackle lasts. We’ve crafted it based on years of trial-and-error, so we know it works.

A Way to Reduce Variables
What the heck does that mean? When you’re out on the water, you want to KISS (keep it simple, stupid). So, when you know your tackle works, you know that’s not the reason why fish aren’t biting. Which is huge when you’re fishing new spots or learning your area.

Now that the tackle is eliminated, you need to ask yourself, “What else in my environment is a possible variable affecting my bite?” That can be a number of other factors, which we’ll get into later in the season.

If you made it this far, nicely done! You must be just as excited to start the spring run as we are, so give Blitz Box a try. Our regular Blitz Box is great for new anglers or for anglers who are still exploring the species in a new area. Our Warrior Box is great for anglers who already have their targeted species, logbooks and setup. They want to explore new tackle or have some really nice tackle sent to their door. Both boxes will help you reduce costs, improve catches and most importantly eliminate variables.

Let’s work together to improve our game on and off the water!


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